ANSMANN LED Clip-light

ANSMANN LED Clip-light

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Product Description

ANSMANN LED Clip-light

Universal clip light with 9 LEDs, three light colours, dimmable in three steps. Ideal as a reading lamp, nursing light, ambient lighting, camping light, music and much more.
Part Number: 1600-0531

  • The lamp head is equipped with 9 LEDs and three light colours. These provide pleasant, high-contrast light that can be adapted to the application, especially for comfortable reading with no eye strain. Thanks to the wide beam angle, the light is uniformly distributed so that all areas can be homogeneously illuminated. This makes LED Clip-Light the ideal light source for reading in dark environments, illuminating music sheets in the orchestra, round the camp fire or on the stage. The light is also ideal for use around the house, in workshops, in the car or when camping.
  • You can choose between three dimming levels and three light colours and thus optimally adjust the lighting effect to suit your surroundings. The flexible goose neck can be arranged to point in any direction. This enables you to direct the light right where you need it.
    The light can be simply fastened in place with the help of the practical clip. Thanks to its special rubber coating the clip can also get a firm grip on almost any material - without shaking. In addition, the housing has a built-in magnet with which the light can be easily attached to smooth metal surfaces.
  • The economical lamp can be charged with the same USB-C cable as your smartphone or tablet. The internal 500mAh battery fully charges within 4h. The LED dot display reliably reports the battery status in 25% steps at the push of a button.
Techincal details:
Power supply
Li-Po cell ( 3.7V / 500mAh )
Illuminant LED - with power of 1.8W
Operating time
40 h
Light Flux
22 lumens
Dimensions: 30 x 4.3 x 3.4 mm
Weight90 g


High 15 lumena 24 lux 7.25h
Middle 5 lumena 8 lux 16h
Low 2 lumena 4 lux 38h
High 22 lumena 35 lux 4h
Middle 8 lumens 13 Lux 11 h
Low 4 lumens 7 Lux 17 h
High 9 lumens 16 Lux 7,25 h
Middle 3 lumens 6 Lux 22
Low 2 lumens 3 Lux 39 h

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