PANASONIC  WESLV9ZL2508 Li-Ion baterija 3.6V 680mAh for PANASONIC electric shavers

PANASONIC WESLV9ZL2508 Li-Ion baterija 3.6V 680mAh for PANASONIC electric shavers

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Item specifics

  • Size AA
  • Capacity 680 mAh
  • Voltage 3.6 V
  • Chemistry Li-Ion

Product Description

PANASONIC  WESLV9ZL2508 Li-Ion baterija 3.6V 680mAh for PANASONIC electric shavers

    The batteries are slightly different as they have small pins protruding at each end.

    The part number: WESLV9ZL2508

    The batteries will fit in the following models:
    ER-DGP62(PA/2), ER-DGP82K801, ER-FGP62(PA/2), ER-FGP82K802, ER-GP80(PA/1), ER-GP80(PA/2), ER-GP80(PA/3), ER-GP81-K811
    ER-GP81-K841, ER-HGP62(PA/2), ER-HGP82K803, ER-SB40-K803, ER-SB40-K851, ER-SB40-K861, ER-SB60-S722, ER-SB60-S751
    ER-SB60-S803, ER-SB60-S820, ER-SC40-K803, ER-SC40-K811, ER-SC40-K861, ER-SC60-S803, ES-BST2QK751, ES-BST2QW711
    ES-BST2QW751, ES-BST3N(PA/3), ES-BST6P-A711, ES-BST6QR711, ES-BST6QR751, ES-LT22(PA/3), ES-LT2A(PA/3), ES-LT2N(PA/2)
    ES-LT3N(PA/1), ES-LT4N(PA/2), ES-LT4N(PA/3), ES-LT52(PA/3), ES-LT5N(PA/1), ES-LT5N(PA/3), ES-LT6A(PA/3), ES-LT6N(PA/2)
    ES-LT72(PA/3), ES-LT7N(PA/1), ES-LT8N(PA/2), ES-LT8N(PA/3), ES-LV54(PA/3), ES-LV5A(PA/3), ES-LV5B(EC), ES-LV5C-K705
    ES-LV5C-K706, ES-LV5C-K751, ES-LV64(PA/3), ES-LV65(PA/1), ES-LV65(PA/2), ES-LV6N(PA/1), ES-LV6N(PA/2), ES-LV6N(PA/3)
    ES-LV6Q-S803, ES-LV6Q-S820, ES-LV74(PA/3), ES-LV7C(EC), ES-LV94(PA/3), ES-LV95(PA/1), ES-LV95(PA/2), ES-LV95(PA/3)
    ES-LV9A(PA/3), ES-LV9C-S705, ES-LV9C-S706, ES-LV9C-S711, ES-LV9C-S751, ES-LV9N(PA/1), ES-LV9N(PA/2), ES-LV9N(PA/3)
    ES-LV9Q-S803, ES-LV9Q-S820, ES-LV9Q-S861, ES-ST27(PA/3), ES-ST29(PA/3), ES-ST2N(PA/3), ES-ST2P-K731, ES-ST2P-R731
    ES-ST2Q-K731, ES-ST2Q-W731, ES-ST37(PA/3), ES-ST39(PA/3), ES-ST3N(PA/3), ES-ST3N-K803, ES-ST3N-K811, ES-ST6N(PA/3)
    ES-ST6P-A731, ES-ST6Q-R731, ES-ST8P(EC), ES-ST8P-H(EC), ES-ST8P-R(EC), ES-TLVK6(PA/T)

    Size AA
    Discharge Capacity (Rated / min.) 680 mAh
    Discharge Capacity (Average) 680 mAh
    Diameter (with tube) 13.8 +0 / -0.7 mm
    Height  (with tube) 56 +0 / -1.5 mm
    Approx.Weight 44.5 g
    Nominal Voltage 3.6V

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