Battery flashlight 7060 LED PELI

Battery flashlight 7060 LED PELI

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The Pelican 7060 LED light employs a revolutionary dual switch technology that allows the light to be activated by either a body-mounted patrol switch or a tail-mounted tactical switch. The dual switches, which include a momentary mode and high/strobe/medium/low beams, allows the user to grip the light in several positions and still control activation. In addition, the 7060 is self programmable. This allows the individual user to custom tailor the various modes to their liking. The light incorporates a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery for maximum brightness and is also lightweight compared to standard batteries.

  • Light mode: High, Medium, Low
  • Light: 368 lumens - high, 150 lumens - medium, 18 lumens - low
  • Beam : 199m / 125m / 43m
  • Operate time : 3h / 9h / 45h
  • Powered with: lithium ion battery - rechargeable
  • Length:220 mm
  • Weight: 232 g with batteries

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