ANSMANN size 13 / PR48  Hearing Aid Batteries - pack -  6 pcs.

ANSMANN size 13 / PR48 Hearing Aid Batteries - pack - 6 pcs.

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Item specifics

  • Voltage 1.45V
  • Chemistry Zink-Air

Product Description

ANSMANN size 13 / PR48  Hearing Aid Batteries - pack -  6 pcs.

Part Number: 5013243

ANSMANN 312 are perfect batteries for mini RITE (in-ear receiver) and CIC) completely in the channel - hearing aids.
NOTE: The Price is per blister

How to Use

A zinc Air battery that has not yet been used has a sticker. The battery is not activated until the sticker is removed. When you remove the sticker, it comes in contact with air and the battery is activated.
Also, before closing the battery bay, wait 30 seconds to 1 minute for the battery to come in contact with air. This will extend the battery life.

    Size A13 / PR48
    Voltage 1.45V
    Capacity 310mAh
    DimensionsHeight-5.4mm / Diameter - 7.8mm
    Rechargeable Y/N



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