Lovely Elf - purple 6000mAh

Lovely Elf - purple 6000mAh

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Item specifics

  • Model LOVELY-ELF
  • Weight 158 gr
  • Input DV5V 2.1A MAX.
  • Capacity 6000 mAh
  • ID number LE06-302-01
  • Size 102*66*14 mm
  • Output DC5V 2.1A
  • Charging time ~ 4 hours ( using 2.1A adapter )

Product Description

Lovely Elf - purple

Technical data:

- Capacity 6000mAh
- Fast Charge and Self-charge  2.1A input and output deliver much faster charging speed than regular power bank with 1A port for female ( charge iPhone 37% faster )
- No buttons. No need to shake the power bank for charging. Three colors of LED light  to show the power status:   71% to 100% /green, 16% to 70% / yellow, 0% to 15% / red light.
- Curved design and smooth material make Lovely-Elf feel great in your hand like baby skin. The lovely rabbit ears are made of silicon rubber, wearable and kneading-proof.
- High density battery cells passing more 70 rigorous ROMOSS tests safeguard your device and let go of aby safety worries.

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