Battery BP-232N Li-Ion 7.4V  3400mAh  Panasonic for ICOM IC-A14

Battery BP-232N Li-Ion 7.4V 3400mAh Panasonic for ICOM IC-A14

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Product Description

Battery for ICOM BP-232N Li-Ion 7.4V 3400mAh Panasonic
Compatible with Part Numbers:

ICOM BP-230, ICOM BP-230N, ICOM BP-231, ICOM BP-231N, ICOM BP-232, ICOM BP-232N

Fit below models:

ICOM Two-Way Radio / Handheld Transceiver IC-A14, IC-A14S, IC-F14, IC-F14S, IC-F15, IC-F16, IC-F16S, IC-F24, IC-F24S, IC-F25, IC-F25SR, IC-F26, IC-F26S, IC-F33, IC-F33G, IC-F33GS, IC-F33GT, IC-F34, IC-F34G, IC-F43, IC-F43G, IC-F43TR, IC-F43GS, IC-F43GT, IC-F44,IC-F44G, IC-F3011, IC-F3021, IC-F3021T, IC-F3021S, IC-F3061, IC-F3061T, IC-F3061S, IC-F3062, IC-F3062T, IC-F3062S, IC-F3162, IC-4011, IC-F4021, IC-F4021T, IC-F4021S, IC-F4029SDR, IC-F4061, IC-F4061T, IC-F4061S, IC-F4062, IC-F4062T, IC-F4062S, IC-F4162

Voltage 7.4V
Capacity 3400mAh
Size ( LxWxH ) 90 x 53 x 20 mm
Approx.weight 117.16g
Cells - with capacity 3400mAh - NCR18650B PANASONIC
- with capacity 2600mAh - ICR18650-26J SAMSUNG
- with capacity 2200mAh - 18650-22P SAMSUNG

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