eUSB ranger 95, ROMOSS 95W

eUSB ranger 95, ROMOSS 95W

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Item specifics

  • Model AU95
  • Weight 48 gr
  • Input DC12V 10A
  • Power 95 W
  • ID number AU95-101
  • Size 94*24.9*20 mm
  • Output eUSB: DC14~20V 4.74A MAX. * DC5V 2.1A MAX. * USB DC5V 1A MAX

Product Description

The high-perfomrance laptop car charger eUSB ranger 95 is designed to charge laptops, ultrabooks, mobile phones, tablet PCs, PSPs, GPS systems, MP3 players adn other digital device.

- The internationally patented eUSB intelligent voltage identification technology is applied to the charging of laptops, mobile phones, tablet PCs and other digital devices.

- With a power output of 95W, this product is compatible with most of digital devices.

- This series of compact and elegant products enables efficient and simple charging onboard.

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