NiMH 9V block / 6F22 200mAh maxE  ANSMANN

NiMH 9V block / 6F22 200mAh maxE ANSMANN

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Item specifics

  • Size 6F22
  • Capacity 200 mAh
  • Voltage 9 V
  • Chemistry NiMH

Product Description

NiMH 9V block / 6F22 200mAh maxE  ANSMANN

ANSMANN NiMH Rechargeable battery 9V block / 6F22 200 mAh maxE 1 pcs.
This 9V block / 6F22 NiMH rechargeable battery has a nominal capacity of 200 mAh
Very low self-discharge
After one year storage time up to 80% capacity
Very good cycle life performance
Fast rechargeable Especially for professional use in digital cameras, flash units and measuring

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